Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birth Wall Quilt

On this lovely long weekend while getting over the flu, I finished of a little quilt for my sister’s new baby boy and my first nephew who is already 3 months old.  She doesn’t sew and therefore wouldn’t know the effort put in to make this but I started this tradition with the birth of my first niece and felt obliged to continue with….

.DSC03156  I’ve packaged a thumb tac in with it for posting off today, so hopefully this makes it up on the wall?

DSC03157  I quite like how it looks with the light behind it thanks to very colourful backing fabric.

Emma's birth details teddy This one…who knows what happened to it when it reached it’s destination…..

For Sophie  And another early addition to my tradition.  Perhaps I should have kept to this same style for all of them?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stitched Critters


Who’s been digging in the garden?DSC03145

DSC03143 Why so sad?

DSC03036 Flying free…


These stitcheries are part of Jeans Garden Block of the Month.  All blocks are now stitched, awaiting some finishing touches before the fun of quilting it.