Saturday, October 27, 2012

Canada & Alaska August Sept 2012


I’ve been so busy since returning from our amazing holiday. Here is a snapshot…

IMG_0157Vancouver, we loved it hereP8251126Rocky Mountaineer Rail Journey, AMAZING!Gold Leaf 006Banff, fantastic and pristine

IMG_0576Fairmont Banff Springs, where we stayed and taken from the gondola

IMG_0530…and from the opposite direction as we took to the river on a raft.

IMG_0560Some of the wildlife, so cute!

IMG_0664Lake Louise at dawn

IMG_0745Lake Louise later in the day. Hired a canoe and had a fantastic afternoon on the lake.

IMG_0858Jasper, so pretty.

IMG_0808We took a walk on the Athabasca Glacier at minus 10 and it was fabulousIMG_0815

IMG_0996Whistler from high up on Whistler Mtn

IMG_0990We rode the The Peak to Peak Gondola

IMG_0786we saw a BIG bear!

IMG_1021Butchart Garden, Victoria BC was beautiful

IMG_1179Victoria BC, capital of Canada

IMG_1219Our ship MS Volendam docked at Skagway

IMG_1279Inside passage, Alaska. Breathtaking, a very “ Titanic” feeling floating amongst the icebergs.

And on our return……


our baby turned 18.  See, it’s been a busy time !

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heart Pouches & Bitty Baskets

Long weekend off to a good start.  A few times I have turned up to the Gym without my headphones, which renders me deaf to the TV’s. When I forget my specs or contacts I’m left blind as well!  So when I saw an online tutorial by Erin Erickson I knew I had to make one….three Heart Pouches! 

P9291208My earphones will tuck away nicely in these.

The sewing today didn’t stop there…..

When we were holidaying in Alaska, I picked up the Bitty Baskets pattern from a Ketchikan patchwork store.  From 2 fat quarters I made these 4 baskets.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Champion effort


On the weekend, our daughter rode the Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer,

Cassandra and 1518 riders took to the road, 200km in two days to  Wivenhoe Dam from Brisbane (& back) and raised $5.2M for this amazing cause.

There was barely a dry eye in the massive crowd at day break when the rider-less bike  was wheeled to the start line as a symbol for all those who fought and lost their battle…..

We’re so proud of our girl for her mammoth effort to help change the lives of so many.

Monday, July 30, 2012

By Special Request

My youngest daughter commented that she liked 3 of the bags in my collection. Three elements of each of those bags to be exact and could I combine each of those aspects into a bag for her!

A couple of weekends of planning and sewing, this was the result.

IMG_0033 The pretty purple fabric isn’t shown at it’s best in this photo but you get the general idea of the outcome. The owl was hand drawn from the design on her PJ pants!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 2012 Retreat


Earlier this month I attended a wonderful retreat with 15 other like minded girls.

P6111028 The main building where we laughed, ate and sewed up a storm.

P6111030 Our Cabin, which had 3 twin single ensuited rooms complete with shared kitchenette and lounge / dining room. I shared with new friend Jeanette.

P6111035 This was what I made on the 3 day weekend. Five small make-up bags, a new handbag in browns and the big squares bag which was a project several of us did.  Oh, and I made the little owl purse to, my own creation that one.

P6111032 Here are Sue (all the way from NZ), Deb & Julie hard at work. Who said we ate, laughed and had too much fun?  See, we were working!

P6171063 On my arrival at home, I found my ‘cheeky’ boy had found a new friend too. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Creating with Beads

IMG_0361 Tricia, my talented creative friend who introduced me to my very first Craft Show (which is where my foray into patchwork all began) sent me these pretty beads with some instructions and thankfully a couple of photo’s of what they could become!

IMG_0375This pretty bracelet and ‘heart’ necklace, which I now see  I didn’t take a photo of with the other loose beads, is what became of some of them. Very girly aren’t they?… to keep them safe from my daughters! There is still one bracelet to make with the pearl beads.  Thanks Tricia!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Handy idea for Sewing Caddy’s

IMG_0356 Lots of sewing girls have an Arm Chair Caddy. This is one I made which was a kit by Abbey Lane Quilts called The Abbey Bag and purchased from the lovely girls at Iddy Biddy in QLD.


I was particularly impressed with their idea of adding a circle of Rubberised Shelf Liner to the underside of the pincushion which really does stop it from sliding off the table, chair etc.  What a great idea.  I hope you like it to!

Sweet Little Pouches

IMG_0359These two little cuties are a Lazy Girl Designs Pattern.  Big enough to hold the small ipod or a box of tic tacs, it’s a lovely addition to a handbag and so quick to make.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Mug Bag & Satchel

IMG_0353 This lovely Leesa Chandler Designs mug bag came as a kit and was given to me by Julie when we went to Melbourne together last year to attend AQC.  With the 2012 ACQ on this month, it was timely that I hit my UFO jobs over my lovely Easter break and made this very useful little project, complete with main fabric insert on the included tile.  Thank you Julie Smile  xx

IMG_0355 Another pre Easter sewing project is my new handy satchel.  With the strap long enough to go across my body or wear over my shoulder, it’s perfect to fit my sunnies, long wallet, mobile and a few extra’s for work or play.  The pattern is my own (meaning there really isn’t one haha) and I’m quite happy with the outcome. Zips, pockets and all!

Gifts from afar

IMG_0354 My dear friend Julie was in Hawaii recently and returned with these lovely gifts, all for me. The little zippered purse has 3 zip compartments.

Spoilt is fast becoming my middle name!…maybe that’s what the “S” key-ring really stands for lol.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beady Spiders

IMG_0346 These two were purchased at a craft show last year as a kit. I finally got to make them this Easter long weekend.

 Lucky they don’t have a use by date?

Easter 2012

IMG_0348  IMG_0350 No little kids eagerly waiting for the Easter Bunny to arrive in this house any more but a lot of chocolate was gifted. It was on the bikes for a ride to Wellington Point later in the afternoon for Dad & youngest Daughter.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A little sewing

IMG_0345 What do you think these may turn into?

Gifts from my Girls

IMG_0341  Jewellery and Flowers…

IMG_0337 Chocolate coated Pavlova

IMG_0336And a fun morning of Southbank Market shopping.



This lovely scarf made by and from Jenny.  I have such clever friends!

Spoilt again


This lovely hand made oriental fabric bag by and from my jet setting dear friend Julie arrived for my birthday also, along with a lovely handmade card and a cake tester!  I guess I no longer have to ‘stab’ my baking with a sharp knife to see if they’re cooked! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gifted with Paper Art


My dear friend Annette surprises me each year with the most beautiful hand made birthday card. Isn’t it lovely!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Craft Show March 2012

Just a couple of purchases, I was still battling to be well last weekend following a flu virus that had zapped my energy so my usual enthusiasm to shop was missing….


Accompanied by my youngest daughter (17) we sat in on a make and take class, painting the kimono blossom girls on the folders with a quick make and take in the brother sewing machine class afterwards to make the little bag.