Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Mug Bag & Satchel

IMG_0353 This lovely Leesa Chandler Designs mug bag came as a kit and was given to me by Julie when we went to Melbourne together last year to attend AQC.  With the 2012 ACQ on this month, it was timely that I hit my UFO jobs over my lovely Easter break and made this very useful little project, complete with main fabric insert on the included tile.  Thank you Julie Smile  xx

IMG_0355 Another pre Easter sewing project is my new handy satchel.  With the strap long enough to go across my body or wear over my shoulder, it’s perfect to fit my sunnies, long wallet, mobile and a few extra’s for work or play.  The pattern is my own (meaning there really isn’t one haha) and I’m quite happy with the outcome. Zips, pockets and all!


  1. Doesn't it feel fabulous to see the UFO pile growing smaller, insteat of larger!! Beautiful work as always Sharon. xx

  2. Love the satchel, You're very clever.