Saturday, May 12, 2012

Creating with Beads

IMG_0361 Tricia, my talented creative friend who introduced me to my very first Craft Show (which is where my foray into patchwork all began) sent me these pretty beads with some instructions and thankfully a couple of photo’s of what they could become!

IMG_0375This pretty bracelet and ‘heart’ necklace, which I now see  I didn’t take a photo of with the other loose beads, is what became of some of them. Very girly aren’t they?… to keep them safe from my daughters! There is still one bracelet to make with the pearl beads.  Thanks Tricia!


  1. Very pretty Sharon, they look lovely!

  2. they did turn out nice . always love pink beads and purple and red,black cream pearl green yellow white gold silver crystal glass beads too. unfortunately i broke 1 bead in my tribal bracelet i made at show quite a few years ago glued it together and remade but it broke again : (