Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heart Pouches & Bitty Baskets

Long weekend off to a good start.  A few times I have turned up to the Gym without my headphones, which renders me deaf to the TV’s. When I forget my specs or contacts I’m left blind as well!  So when I saw an online tutorial by Erin Erickson I knew I had to make one….three Heart Pouches! 

P9291208My earphones will tuck away nicely in these.

The sewing today didn’t stop there…..

When we were holidaying in Alaska, I picked up the Bitty Baskets pattern from a Ketchikan patchwork store.  From 2 fat quarters I made these 4 baskets.



  1. Love the heart pouches Sharon, they are really cute. The Bitty Baskets sure are bitty!!! Love 'em!

  2. They are a wee bit cute those baskets!!